Be a Barista

February 9, 2012
Do you have what it takes to become a barista? Come test your skills and see what it is like for a day. On February 9th, SCEO will be hosting a new competition to see who can make the best combination of a non –alcoholic drink. In a team of one, two, or many, create a drink of your choice and sell it to the student body of Santa Clara. Each team will be given $50 and keeps the profit from each sale!

Register here by February 8th to be eligible to receive $50 for your team.

Official Rules:

  • One or more people should be at the table at all times
  • Must be some sort of potable liquid
  • In progress: Can only accept credit and cash unless an SCEO member present at the table
  • Must use only the space provided by SCEO
  • Make sure the beverages are school appropriate
  • $50 limit for all re-imbursements
  • Its good to do it in groups so that you all can take shifts throughout the day
  • We have the tables from 10-4 but maximize your time!!
  • Please give your receipts to an SCEO board member before you leave the event!

Register here